Inside TV

Inside TV: a punk cut-up/critique of Aussie eighties TV culture, crash edited on a pair of domestic VHS video decks and guerrilla-distributed on the end of hire videos.

To get the full hallucinatory effect of T.V.O.D. John built a mechanically triggered random micro duration timer from a recycled washing machine mechanism. It was left on all night, hooked up to the transport controls, grinding TV into a flickering frenzy.

The edits are rough and jumpy, an analogue pause-button aesthetic. The sync rolls, the loops swing. The image is smeared and lurid as it goes down the grimy tube of VHS de-generations.

Not having any outlet for these pre-Internet video cutups, John took the moniker Built in Ghosts and secretly dubbed them back onto the ends of hire tapes for random late-night discovery by fellow video junkies.

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