A new bed for Mr. and Mrs. Wolf

Bedtime Stories: tales to take you into the night.  A new bed for Mr. and Mrs. Wolf  by Misbah Khokhar.

If you’re on the hunt for parallel worlds, the land of fairy tales is fertile ground, and this very adult bedtime story should give listeners plenty to think about.

Melbourne writer Misbah Khokhar says ‘This story might actually be true. I am married to Mr. Wolf and he is a cross-dresser. I do make potions, have a black cat and love spiders…’

So come with Misbah as she draws back the bed-covers to reveal her slightly smutty world of wolves in A new bed for Mr. and Mrs. Wolf.


A new bed for Mr.and Mrs. Wolf was written and read by Misbah Khokhar.

Music by Dale Gorfinkel and Peter Farrar.

Sound design and audio production by John Jacobs.

From the Bedtime Stories series produced for the ABC Creative Audio Unit and Soundproof.

Image: Captured your heart by Neal Fowler under a Creative Commons 2.0 attribution licence.

Author  Bio

Misbah Khokhar was born in Karachi to an Australian mother and was raised for some time with Afghanistani gypsies. She now lives in Melbourne and is currently writing more adult fairy tales. Her work has been highly commended in the Shapcott Poetry Prize and published in the Australian Poetry Journal, Contemporary Asian Australian Poets, Peril Magazine, Cordite, Mascara Literary Review and featured on ABC RN’s Poetica. In her spare time she records music in bed.

Her website of poetic musings and cultural curios is celestialstitchwitch.wordpress.com

Her most recent work is a response to land, identity and imagination peril.com.au/current-edition/dreamscapes

Twitter @misbahkhokar

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