The synthesizer as an instrument of personal and social transformation”

ABC Radio National Saturday 20 May 2006 5:00PM

This program looks at the synthesizer and its impact on our mindset. These radically new electronic instruments empowered listeners and users alike to transform themselves personally, politically and socially. The decade that spawned the first generation of analog synthesizers was one that reconfigured many social and political norms. In the 1960s new sonic possibilities were combined with mind-altering situations and substances opening up new worlds of art and culture.

Situated between noise and music, between pop and classical, the liminality of the synthesizer gave it the ability to cross boundaries, with far reaching social and cultural impact.

Suzanne Ciani, creator of what is arguably the most widely heard synthetic sound in history, speaks passionately of her relationship with her Buchla Box. It remained faithfully turned on in her home for ten years. To it alone she attributes authorship of some of her finest work.

Nicole Skelty’s relationship with her ‘synthesizer friends’ offers a unique insight into the way some of the younger generation of musicians interact with their synthesizers.

Produced by
John Jacobs and Cathy Peters

In addition to the music details listed below, incidental music was taken from the following sources

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Unpublished studio recordings by Nicole Skeltys


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Nicole Skeltys

Suzanne Ciani

Trevor Pinch – Analog Days

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