The Golden Room

Bedtime Stories: tales to take you into the night. The Golden Room by Karina Quinn

Life, death, love, the families that we make…all in five minutes.

Karina says ‘I’d like to call this a dream, but it’s not. My son, Jem told this story to me one morning at our yellow kitchen table. He started out of nowhere and I was transfixed. It felt channelled, or thrown. We were both bathed in sun and as he spoke he told slowed time. I could almost see his words falling between us. Later I sat and wrote and felt as if he’d laid out for me the whole process of creation – life, death, love, the families that we make… all in five minutes.’


The Golden Room was written and read by Karina Quinn.

Music by Dale Gorfinkel.

Sound design and audio production by John Jacobs.

From the Bedtime Stories series produced for the ABC Creative Audio Unit and Soundproof.

Image: Sharing by Nana B Agyei under a Creative Commons 2.0 attribution licence.

Author Bio

Karina Quinn is a Melbourne based poet, writer, spoken word performer, and researcher. She is at the pointy end of a PhD at La Trobe University titled this body, writing, and was recently awarded second prize in the prestigious and long running Newcastle Poetry Prize for her poem “Always going home (a domestic cycle)”. She is also one of the Managing Editors of Australia’s only interdisciplinary, peer reviewed, gender, sexuality and diversity studies journals, Writing from Below.

Twitter: @riotk


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